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Vinyl Seawall Construction from JZ Contracting Fenton MI

JZ Contracting, Inc

JZ Contracting, Inc. is a licensed and insured marine seawall contractor based in Fenton, Michigan. Our goal at JZ Contracting is to give our customers a very high quality product and service at a reasonable price. Most of our projects are new vinyl seawalls that last customers decades. Many of our customers decide to add decking area around their new seawall that adds more are to enjoy the scenery around their waterfront property.

When deciding to have a new seawall built there are many different construction methods and materials that can be used. Each and every material used in the industry has the potential to produce a very nice looking sea wall. At JZ Contracting we use CMI Marine Structure’s Shoreguard Vinyl panels for our vinyl walls. The main differences between seawall construction methods are the lifetime of the seawall and price. We at JZ Contracting believe that vinyl is the best product material for a sea wall that for decades to come. We have a saying around here, “VINYL IS FINAL“.

Steel sea walls have always been considered the very strongest sea walls around, but depending on the thickness of the steel it can be inferior to some of the new vinyl products. Additionally, steel only has a 20 year life expectancy while the vinyl sheets themselves have a 50 year warranty and the price for steel is generally going to be higher. Another material used for sea wall construction is tongue-and-groove marine lumber. This material can give a homeowner a very beautiful sea wall at a lower price than the vinyl or steel, but with a much shorter life expectancy. The maximum life expectancy of wood seawalls is only 15 years. Another beautiful, natural way to build a seawall is using boulders. This again can save a property owner some expense, but will still require some maintenance in the future because erosion will occur. For a free estimate and professional opinion on what type of sea wall best suits your needs please contact us.


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