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About Us

JZ Contracting, Inc. is a licensed and insured marine contractor. We are based out of Fenton, Michigan. From this location we can service any commercial or residential customer in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana. If we cannot service a customer we are willing to help them locate a reputable contractor that meets their needs at no cost. To contact us please e-mail us at sracinski@jzcontracting.com

At JZ Contracting, Inc. we provide our customers with a high quality product and excellent service at a reasonable price. We are SeaWall specialists.

Jeff Zeller is a Certified Natural Shoreline Professional trained in the principles of Natural Landscaping and Erosion Control on Inland Lakes. His certification can be found at www.mishorelinepartnership.org. Their mission is to promote natural shorelines through the use of green landscaping technologies and bio-engineered erosion control for the benefit to lake ecosystems and attractive to customers.

When deciding to have a new seawall built, there are many different construction methods and materials that can be used. Each and every material used in the industry can produce a very nice looking sea wall. The difference comes with the price and the length of time the sea wall is expected to last. We at JZ Contracting believe that vinyl is the best product material for a sea wall. Vinyl sea walls last a lifetime. We have a saying around here that “VINYL IS FINAL.” With that being said, any sea wall is only as good as the contractor, methods and material used.